About Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis is an experienced and successful commercial mediator. He has a high on-the-day settlement rate (currently 71%), against a UK average of about 67% in 2015 (CEDR Seventh Mediation Audit 2016 ©) and an overall settlement rate of 86%.

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Mediation Style

Roger will adapt his style according to the needs of the case.

Trained by the Stitt Feld Handy Group in facilitative mediation, Roger’s open and engaging manner really does encourage participants to relax, be open about what is important to them, and to work together to find a way forward.

Sometimes, though, a different approach is necessary. Roger’s vast personal experience of different walks of life, not least as a senior lawyer in a notoriously tough industry, enables him to recognise when an evaluative tone is needed - he is not afraid to tell it how he sees it, firmly but gently, if a party has unrealistic expectations.

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Sector Strengths

Roger spent thirty years as a senior lawyer in manufacturing industry and has hands-on practical experience of a huge range of legal and business topics.

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By profession a solicitor (now non-practising), Roger has had a long and interesting career in commerce and industry, at a senior level, and more recently also in the charitable and health sectors. He understands from first-hand experience the worries and pressures which people face on a daily basis, just trying to do the right thing, at work and at home.

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Mediation is astonishingly good value for money. Not that long ago, Roger mediated a dispute where the fee of the barrister attending for the day to assist one party was exactly ten times Roger’s mediation fee for the same day. (Roger settled the dispute).

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Why mediate with Roger Lewis?

The fact that you are reading this proves that, at the very least, the possibility of mediation has crossed your mind, but you still might not know very much about the process.

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Roger Lewis can often be available at short notice – it does no harm to ask. He is happy to travel anywhere. To check Roger’s availability, click here

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