Mediating with Roger Lewis is astonishingly good value for money. Roger once mediated a dispute where the fee of the barrister attending for the day to assist one party was exactly ten times Roger’s mediation fee for the same day. (Roger settled the dispute).

In all cases mediation fees will be agreed in advance. However, the following table sets out indicative mediation fees per party for cases up to the dispute values shown, where there are two or more parties:-

Amount in dispute £
(claim + counterclaim)
Mediation duration
Mediation fee per party £
Additional hours per party £
Up to 15,000
Up to 4 hours
15,001 - 50,000
Up to 7 hours
50,001 - 100,000
Up to 8 hours
100,001 - 250,000
Up to 9 hours
250,001 - 500,000
Up to 10 hours
Over 500,000
As long as it takes
By agreement


  1. The mediation fees do not include expenses such as room hire and catering, which where appropriate will be agreed between the parties and Roger Lewis, and for which the parties shall be jointly liable.
  2. Roger Lewis has access to suitable venues for mediation in most major centres in the UK, if the parties require this (cost of room hire, etc, to be the liability of and borne by the parties).
  3. Mediation fees do include reasonable preparation time and travel time (UK mediations only), and will normally be inclusive of Roger Lewis's travel and accommodation expenses.
  4. No VAT is charged.
  5. It is assumed that all parties will share the fees and expenses equally, but this is for them to agree between them, as long as Roger Lewis is made aware of the arrangement.
  6. The mediation fees and other agreed expenses are due seven days before the mediation and must normally have been paid in full before the mediation can proceed. If this is a problem (such as with a legally-aided party) then please say so. All other fees and expenses are payable within seven days of the invoice date.
  7. Where a mediation is cancelled more than seven days before the mediation date then no fee is payable. However, travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred by Roger Lewis prior to notification of cancellation will be payable in full. Where a mediation is cancelled between three and seven days before the mediation date then 50% of the fee will be payable. If a mediation is cancelled less than three days before the mediation date then the full fee will be payable. In either of the above two cases, if a cancelled mediation is rearranged with Roger Lewis for a date within the six following months then a discount of 50% of his then normal fees will be given.

Other things you need to know

Any contract for civil or commercial mediation or other mediation services will be a contract with Roger Lewis. It will be entered into subject to English law unless the parties expressly agree otherwise. A copy of the standard contract for mediation services used by Roger Lewis may be viewed and downloaded by following this link

You do not have to have a solicitor acting for you in order to engage Roger Lewis to act in a civil mediation or commercial mediation; in that case, feel free to contact him direct. However, if you do already have a solicitor acting for you in the dispute, it is better if you ask your solicitor to contact Roger Lewis on your behalf, as it will normally be your solicitor who (jointly with the other side) appoints the mediator.

Roger Lewis carries professional liability insurance cover of £5 million. To view and download a copy of the insurance certificate, click here.

Roger Lewis complies with the European Code of Conduct for Mediators

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