Roger has successfully mediated many different types of commercial dispute. Recent cases involved, for example, a dispute over legal expenses insurance and a falling-out over a contract for business services. Roger spent many years as a senior lawyer in manufacturing industry and has hands-on practical experience of a huge range of legal and business topics.


Roger worked in the motor industry for twenty years, including a decade as head of the legal function of Peugeot in the UK and a stint as a director of Peugeot Motor Company PLC, as well as of a top-twelve chain of car dealerships. Roger is probably unique as a UK mediator in his understanding of all stages of the motor industry supply chain, from vehicle design and engineering through to sales and servicing disputes at car dealership level. Roger has successfully mediated disputes between dealerships and private individuals about luxury high-value motor vehicles.

Business sales and purchases

Roger handled the sales and purchases of many businesses, large and small, both in the UK and in Europe, North America, and beyond. He dealt with accountants, bankers, financial and corporate advisers, overseas lawyers, and highly stressed buyers and sellers. He understands only too well what can go wrong, and has successfully mediated a number of breach of warranty claims.  Roger was also, for a decade, Company Secretary of a fully-listed UK public company, and so is conversant with all aspects of company law and practice.

Contracts for goods and services

Roger has drafted and negotiated (and sometimes litigated) contracts covering every conceivable aspect of business activity – such as design, manufacture, marketing, distribution, maintenance and back office – in areas as diverse as financial services and sponsorship of major sporting events. He has successfully mediated disputes arising out of contracts relating to, amongst other things, labelling equipment, photocopiers, motor vehicles and the contents of a pub.

Arguments amongst family members

Probably not a recognised sector of the law, but in real life bitter disputes between members of the same family are all too common, and they usually involve money. Roger has a real skill in defusing strong personal emotion, where it is often hard to distinguish between love and hate, and has successfully mediated disputes between twins, between an elderly widowed mother and her only child, and between a father and son on one side, and two other sons on the other side.

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